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Does My Child need a Gifted Assessment?

Common questions

Does He or She:

Have a questioning attitude?  

Learn skills rapidly, easily and efficiently ?

Use unique and clever responses?

Uninhibited in expressions of opinion?

Have a long attention span in specific areas?  

Expresses ideas which are unusual?

Uses a large number of words easily and accurately?

Requires little direction? 

Is persistent? 

Displays great curiosity?

Engages in self-directed activities?  

Possesses leadership ability?

Is independent? 

Wants to know what makes people and things "tick"?

Solves problems in a unique and creative manner? 

Has a highly developed sense of humor?  

The State of Florida defines a gifted student as “one who has superior intellectual development and is capable of high performance.” Schools have an obligation to identify and provide services for gifted students. A student may be referred for screening for gifted by a parent/guardian, a teacher or other staff member, the student themselves or any other individual with knowledge of the student.

Eligibility Criteria Definition
Students are eligible for the Gifted Education Program through Plan A if they meet the following criteria:

  • A need for the program as demonstrated by evidence of a majority of characteristics of gifted students as scored on a District Checklist; and
  • A score of 130 or higher on an individually administered Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Test.